Alumni Engagement Opportunities

Guest Speakers and Event Judges

Our alumni are important to the classroom experience. Entrepreneurship faculty have a series of competitions in the areas of idea generation, business planning, crowdfunding, and new venture creation. In addition, alumni serve a critical role in sharing your expertise with our students in all areas of entrepreneurship from idea to commercialization, in new and existing organizations. Join us in one or more of our class sessions or entrepreneurship events.


Our alumni are an important community for internships for our current students. Three of our five entrepreneurship concentrations require a 3-credit internship in the areas of corporate, social or family entrepreneurship. Internships are coordinated through the Center for Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Suffolk University’s Career Development Center and our RamRecruiter platform. Contact us today to post an internship or request additional information.


The E-Clinic at Suffolk University is the intersection between academic disciplines and the Boston entrepreneurial community. The E-Clinic leverages the knowledge and passion of undergraduate entrepreneurship majors and other disciplines to assist small businesses and startups accomplish various objectives including: new opportunities, growth, product development, planning, etc.

Executive Judges

All freshmen of the Sawyer Business School are required to complete Entrepreneurship 101: Business Foundations. A key requirement is the end-of-semester presentation on presenting and supporting a presentation to a group of executives. Nearly 700 freshmen forming 180 teams present recommended solutions to nearly 200 executives recommended strategies related to Netflix. This course has been a crucial part of the SBS experience for the past 20 years and continues to serve as the foundation of our students’ success. The presentations occur during the fall and spring semesters each academic year. We need your participation to continue to expand and strengthen this program so contact us today.

Teaching Opportunities

More than 2,000 students at Suffolk University enroll in nearly 40 courses in entrepreneurship each year. Our alumni-entrepreneurs are important for the delivery of our academic program. If you are interested in exploring teaching opportunities or have a new topic that may strengthen our rigorous program, contact us today.


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