EVENT RECAP: 1630/Visual Dialogue

On Thursday, February 25, 2016 the Entrepreneurship Club at Suffolk University gathered for their weekly meeting. The headlining presenters? A married couple that lives and works together, but most recently, opened a shop in Faneuil hall together. They brought, not only their expertise and anecdotal retellings of their combined 50 years of experience, but also a love for students and students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Susan and Fritz, the couple in question, shared about the steps they took to start their pop-up store that was christened 1630 named after the year Boston was founded. Fritz started a digital marketing firm called Visual Dialogue as a young entrepreneur. He then met and married Susan Battista who joined his Visual Dialogue team. Over the past few years they were consistently faced with the pains terrible Boston take-aways. Their solution: to provide a higher quality and unique take-away for the thousands of tourists that visit the city eat year.

For Fritz and Susan, this venture was met with excitement and a few hurdles that they gave great insight about to the students in the audience. They had viewers at the edge of their seat as they retold their adventure through the highs and lows of opening a retail location in a 30 day deadline, as well as locally sourcing all of the goods in the store, while simultaneously running their pre-existing business.