Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

For the first time this spring, students from Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School’s Honors Program are taking part in a challenge course that involves creating awareness for the Center of Entrepreneurship. Students are actively learning how to operate the best businesses possible, work in teams on an array of creative student-lead initiatives and market their skills and achievements to the world through their deliverables and successes in this course. Students in the program have diverse backgrounds and major in entrepreneurship, marketing, management, finance, accounting, information systems, global business and more. Entrepreneurial spirit is the base for creativity and skill in this course. The students that make up the class are the best and brightest in their respective majors at Suffolk and their work will be seen in real time to students, alumni, faculty and to those outside of the Suffolk community on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Blog and at local conferences for young and hopeful entrepreneurs. Details can be found on our website:

Real world experience is brought into Suffolk’s Center for Entrepreneurship by professors and staff who are entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, innovators, and researchers in their respective fields of study and practice. Our professors mentor, and work individually with students and student groups on their coursework and ventures outside of the classroom.

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There are many innovative students out there who, with the right foundation, are going to be successful in their future endeavors in the business world. There are organizations and university programs that push and teach business skills and knowledge to enable student success. Suffolk University recognizes one such organization that, like our Center for Entrepreneurship, offers students the opportunity to gain experience in business and the tools necessary for success before pursuing higher education or entering the business world as an entrepreneur. Business Professionals of America has been around for 50 years and holds leadership conferences nationwide. Current Suffolk students that have been past members of BPA are working hard to represent not only Suffolk, but also the ideals of entrepreneurship to current members in the organization.

Young entrepreneurs are the future of small and big businesses worldwide. Their ideas today will bring them to become leaders in their industries and fields tomorrow. Throughout Suffolk’s community, Boston, and New England as a whole, students continue to learn, explore and raise awareness and capital for their start-ups and new product ideas. 2016 continues to show great promise for young entrepreneurs and with the launch of StartUp Suffolk, students and faculty in the Center for Entrepreneurship at Suffolk University are excited to be assisting and educating some of those future entrepreneurs!