Suffolk University’s Center for Entrepreneurship moves to One Beacon


Beginning in the Fall of 2015, Suffolk University’s Center for Entrepreneurship has a new home in Downtown Boston at One Beacon Street. The space, which has been Suffolk University classrooms, now houses the Center’s E-Academy, E-Community, and E-Lab along with all class sections of entrepreneurship.

Summertime aerial flight over Boston.
Summertime aerial flight over Boston.

The E-Academy is a room that is designated for local high school programs starting at 2:30pm Monday through Thursday. Partner organization will be using the space every Monday throughout the semester for their general sessions.

The E-Community consists of two classrooms that convert to workshop and seminar space for the public. Typical programming initiatives include the “Nutz and Boltz” of a startup, different certificate programs, and industry specific seminars.

The E-Lab is home to the Center for Entrepreneurship’s 3D printing lab. It houses three resin-based 3D printers from Form Labs. The space is also used in conjunction with the ENT-419 capstone, where students work with local small businesses in a consulting model called the E-Clinic.

Final design work and buildout will take place over the remaining Fall semester and a ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for the Spring of 2016.
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